We can't think of anything good to say so we won't say anything at all. Do you have something to say?

I noticed how you were talking about how the NBA and NFL have salary caps and all. Well did you know that Gary was one of the masterminds behind the salary cap in the NBA?

The NHL player's salaries are ridiculously high and the fact is they need a cap. This is apparent from any businessman's point of view. I don't recall the exact numbers, but the fact of the matter is that when you have a business being run and your expenses are roughly 60% of what your total revenues are (just in player's salaries) how can you possibly turn a profit? Because on top of those expenses, then there's the leases for the arenas and also the office people's salaries. It's just not possible to make money with a business model like that!

All professional sports should have salary caps instituted because if not, then they are all going to be overpaid and when the time comes for when their employers start losing money and expenses (salaries) need to be cut, they all jump up and down and threaten the strike. How can those guys be so greedy over the thousands and millions of dollars when what they should be realizing is that they get paid by their bosses. Their bosses control their hockey team's organization and the players should be interested in the bettering of their team as a whole, not just thinking of themselves.

Besides the fact that there are fans that are upset at both sides, but that never seems to bother them. Granted they have bills to pay, but as you said before, it shouldn't be a big deal if this Christmas they can't get their wife's nephew a new H2.

So why don't you put that up on your web site and get an unbiased opinion.



Does anyone think Brain is "unbiased"?

Brian, remember the owers are the ones who gave out the the salaries in the first place.
Why are they playing out money then can't afford?

Bettman couldn't control the owners and now the fans suffer! Remember the players want to play but Bettman locked them out!


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